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     We know how sciatica can be a difficult condition to deal with. At Achieve Chiropractic we have help many people finally find relief from this condition. Sciatica is a condition that involves the large nerve running down the leg. For those who have had sciatica, there is no doubt about how bad it can interfere with your lifestyle. We look for not only the primary reason for the pain but also any complicating factors involved in the irritation or likely cause of a reaggravation of the sciatic nerve. Lower back disk bulges can irritate the nerve and is a common cause of pain or changes in sensation that extend below the knee. We can use traction, specific chiropractic adjustments along with therapies to help resolve the issue and regain stability in the low back.

     Other issues commonly thought to be sciatica can be Iliotibial band syndrome, Piriformis syndrome and inflammation if the lower back or hip joint can cause pain to travel in the body. At Achieve Chiropractic we look at both the spine, hips and the associated soft tissue. Our patients have found that this combined approach has helped them see a significant change in the time it takes to get better and the increased use of the body with less pain and stiffness.