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Congratulations Francena McCorory!!
2014 World Indoor 400m Gold Medalist
Francena McCorory
2013 World Indoor 4x400
Gold Medalist
2012 Olympic 4x400
Gold Medalist
2011 World Indoor 4x400
Silver Medalist

"Wow, what can I say? Dr. Eric is awesome! I can always count on him to make sure that I am competition ready! I am without question a lifetime customer!"
-Francena McCorory
Hampton Roads

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Personal Injury

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We have helped many people get back to their lifestyle after being injured in a car accident or other injury. We work hard to not only help you feel better but get back to your lifestyle prior to being injured. Through non-twisting chiropractic adjustments and a host of therapies, getting back on track is only a phone call away.

General Care

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At Achieve Chiropractic we can help you with a host of issues from Headaches to plantar fascitis and so much in between. If you are having troubles with your musculoskeletal system, come in for a consultation and see what Dr. Eric can do to help you get back to an active lifestyle.

Sports Chiropractic

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Achieve Chiropractic works with athletes from youth all the way through Professional athletes. From setting personal records for your own satisfaction to bringing home a Gold Medal from the World Championships in Korea, Achieve Chiropractic will help you achieve your ultimate goals.

Dr. Eric Mierzejewski provides quality chiropractic care to patients in the Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown and Hampton, VA area. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headache, sciatica or have been in an auto collision, Achieve Chiropractic can get you back on the road to health.

Here at Achieve Chiropractic we strive to stay on the cutting edge to help our patients achieve maximum health and maintain an active lifestyle, performing to their full potential.

We offer "Non-Rotational" adjustments, flexion-extension and drop table therapy, activator, arthrostim, and laser therapies. For the convenience of our patients, we also have the ability to perform on-site digital X-Rays when needed.

Same day and emergency care appointments are available. Most insurances are accepted and filed.