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     Most people will experience back pain at some portion of their life. Whether its due to a crooked spine or muscle spasms, we can help. Many people treat the pain through medications with out knowing what was the cause of the pain whether it is a new issue or a chronic problem. By taking digital X-rays of the spine and hips, we can see if you have an issue with the alignment of the spine and/or pelvis. If that is the case, we can use non-twisting methods of  chiropractic manipulation to work on the spine. Muscle spasms can be addressed using trigger point therapy or other therapies including electrostim and ultrasound. Ergonomics at work and hobbies can play a major role with recurrent back pain so we will discuss posture and recommend exercises to help us help you. 

     Our goal is to not only get better but help you become less susceptible to the effects of your job or  hobbies on your health. As many of our patients have found, back pain does not necessarily have to be part of your everyday life. When it comes to the musculoskeletal component of back pain, Achieve Chiropractic works with you to get you back to the lifestyle you are missing.