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     Chronic neck pain limits virtually every aspect of a patient’s life, and we never realize how much our neck does for us until it stops functioning correctly. Here at Achieve Chiropractic, we not only help to relieve existing pain, but we focus on preventing strain and injury whenever possible. If you are experiencing stiffness, dull or sharp pain, pins and needles, or shooting bolts of pain that extend into your arms or back, there is musculoskeletal issue at hand.

     Through various therapy procedures, we can adjust your spine and get your nerves back in proper working order. We use non-twisting techniques to adjust the bones of the neck, along trigger point therapy, electrostim, ultrasound, low-level laser therapy and other methods to help you get neck pain relief.

     Why do we use so many different methods? These varying approaches are practiced because each and every individual body is unique, with a completely different history and mental interpretation of pain. Let us diagnose the origin of your neck pain and gently manipulate the associated bones and muscles to alleviate the source of your pain. Once this is done, you may feel an immediate change.